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The Michelin Le Mans Cup and the gentlemen drivers (Part 2)

LMC - 30/01/2018 - Sophie LIGER

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For this second episode of the “Michelin Le Mans Cup and the Gentlemen drivers” we met Claudio Sdanewitsch driver of the n°55 Spirit of Race Ligier JS P3.

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What did you think of your 2017 season in Michelin Le Mans Cup?

The season 2017 in the Michelin Le Mans Cup was initially a big adventure because I came from GT Racing.

I had to start in a new Championship on the Ligier JS P3 Nissan which was new for me and the team.

After finishing third for the first round in Monza, I understood that we were competitive from the beginning. This was proved until the last round in Portimão where we finished second. During the season I made some mistakes and had bad luck in race two in Road To Le Mans due to technical reasons. Beside these facts I finished the championship in P5 missing 5.5 points the third place.

2017 was for me and the team Spirit of Race a learning season in a well and professional organised Championship with nice people around. I had a lot of fun.


As a gentleman driver, how do you feel about being the main player in the championship?

As an AM driver coming from GT Racing to Prototype competition and being competitive even against much younger drivers is very satisfying. Finishing on the podium and always fighting for podium positions in the first season in a new Championship and a new type of car is the most motivating part of racing. Driving the LMP3 in this environment is fun and part of my life.

Do you think getting the chance to race on the full 24 Hours of Le Mans track is an important part of the season in the Michelin Le Mans Cup?

The name of the race series implements that Le Mans as a historical event and the exclusivity of the track itself, is a central element of this Championship. This is proved by the huge entry list for this event.

Racing on the 24 Hours of Le Mans track is for me the sensational occasion to race with an LMP3 car on the original track of Le Mans for which these prototypes were designed. There are only a few drivers in the world who have the chance to experience the fun to drive there with a prototype.

My feelings are big emotions and proudness. I am happy that this track is part of the Michelin Le Mans Cup calendar.

What are your plans for the 2018 season?

My plans for 2018 season are to be competitive again, reduce my mistakes in all races to an absolute minimum and having maximum luck.

This means result wise to try to finish a maximum of races on the podium and end up in the Championship in top 3.

This should happen with concentration but fun with my team mate Michele Rugolo, the team Spirit of Race and all of you in the Michelin Le Mans Cup.

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